Unwanted Hair

Laser Hair removal (IPL) is an increasingly popular procedure used by both women and men who want to permanently reduce unwanted body hair. Safe and effective for all skin types, laser hair removal targets darker, coarser hair in places on the face, neck, abdomen, chest, underarms, legs and bikini area. 

Because hair grows in different cycles and not all hair follicles are in the same phase at the same time, multiple laser hair removal treatments are usually needed for maximum results. While number of treatments needed can vary by individual, the amount of hair and the size of the surface area, usually 4 to 6 treatments at intervals of 4 to 8 weeks are recommended. 


Treatments can be done in a normal office session and you can immediately return to normal activities. Contact us today to learn more and to schedule a consultation!


Laser treatment services are available only at select Radiant Complexions clinic locations. Please ask clinic staff for more details.