Also known as dermatitis, rashes are an irritation or swelling of the skin and are very common. They can be red, scaly, itchy or include lumps, blisters or pimples.
What to Do for a Rash
While it may be tempting to scrub your rash to soothe itching, it could just cause further irritation and take it longer to heal. If possible, try to leave the irritated skin exposed to the air as often as possible. If you’ve recently started using any new detergents, lotions or cosmetics that could be to blame for the rash, discontinue their use immediately.

How to Prevent Rashes
Since most skin rashes are due to an allergic reaction, an important way to prevent them is to identify the potential offending agent and then to take precautions to avoid it. If it’s particularly difficult to identify the allergy, your Radiant Complexions skin care expert may suggest skin testing to make an accurate diagnosis.
When to See a Dermatology Professional for Your Rash
For mild rashes and irritations, you should be able to treat the condition at the home with over-the-counter medications. However, if your rash is persistant and has not responded to treatment at home, is accompanied by hives or red blotchy skin, or fever, you may need to make an appointment for a professional dermatological consultation.
A dermatologist can help with treatment, especially if you’ve had the rash for a long time, if it is causing significant pain or discomfort, or if it is disturbing your daily life.
Is your rash causing discomfort or concern? Call Radiant Complexions today to schedule a professional skincare consultation. Same day dermatology appointments are available and Medicare, Medicaid and all major insurance are accepted!